FY03 Scientific Portal Expedition

Scientific Portals

Expedition leader: Dennis Gannon (Indiana), Expedition Co-Leader: Beth Plale (Indiana)
Task Name Resource Name Start Date Finish Date Percent Complete  
1. Core Portal Technology Gannon (Indiana), von Laszewski (ANL), Fox (Indiana), Plale (Indiana)       Interconnected with other expedition?
Deploy expedition portal based on Jetspeed portal engine   Tue 10/1/02 Wed 1/1/03 90%  
Demonstrate expedition portal at SC02 with MEAN expedition and chemical engineering teams   Tue 10/1/02 Wed 1/1/03 100%  
Release first portlet and web-services toolkit   Wed 1/1/03 Mon 3/31/03 100%  
Release visualization portlets and standalone clients. Integrate with Access Grid and Polycom teleconferencing   Tue 7/1/03 Thu 1/1/04 70%  
Fully integrate data Grid expedition data discovery and management tools   Tue 7/1/03 Tue 9/30/03 50%  
Convert CoG services to OGSA compliant Grid Services upon deployment of Globus 3.0   Tue 7/1/03 Tue 9/30/03 99%  
2. Chemical Engineering Alkire (UIUC), Alameda (NCSA), Petzold (UCSB), Gannon (Indiana)       Interconnected with other expeditions?
Use core portal technology to develop early chemical engineering portal for sensitivity studies   Tue 10/1/02 Tue 12/31/02

Corrosion: 80%

Electrodeposition: 100%

Execute early linked electrodeposition codes in portal environment   Tue 10/1/02 Tue 12/31/02 100%  
Extend portal prototype increasing component generalization and integration   Wed 1/1/03 Mon 3/31/03 100%  
Analyze code linkage stability and optimize performance for Linux clusters and the TeraGrid   Tue 4/1/03 Mon 6/30/03 100%  
Conduct first nucleation simulation without additives on flat surface sensitivity, run linked corrosion codes on clusters in portal environment Nucl:


Tue 9/30/02

Sun 12/01/02

Tue 9/30/03

Tue 9/30/03



3. Environmental Hydrology (MEAD) Wilhelmson (UIUC), Alameda (NCSA), Plale (Indiana), Johnson (Utah)       Interconnected with other expeditions?
Demonstrate portal for job submission and data mining of results at SC02   Tue 10/1/02 Tue 10/1/02 100%  
Establish standards for application metadata storage and search based on initial experiments   Wed 1/1/03 Mon 6/30/03 80%  
Deploy application metadata catalogs that can be browsed by the portal user (dependent on PDQ and MEAD)   Mon 6/30/03 Mon 9/30/03 20%  
Support fully automatic system deployment   Tue 7/1/03 Tue 9/30/03 100%  
4. Radio Astronomy Plante (NCSA), Gannon (Indiana), Alameda (NCSA)       Interconnected with other expeditions?
Develop and deploy initial BIMA grid job launch tool using the science portal toolkit (COG and Condor-G)   Mon 12/30/02 Mon 4/30/03 100%  
Convert BIMA pipeline components to secure Grid Services with simple authorization protocols   Mon 3/31/03 Thu 6/26/03 50%  
Control and monitor pipeline components as portlets   Mon 6/30/03 Fri 9/26/03 0%  
Deploy final BIMA portal based on portal expedition tools   Tue 6/30/03 Tue 9/30/03 0%  

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