Radio Astronomy (Ray Plante, NCSA)

     The goal of the collaboration with Radio Astronomy is to convert the BIMA Image Pipeline system to one that is Grid Web service based and provide a set of web portlets to monitor and manage the results. The distributed components of the Pipeline will communicate as secure web services, and grid-based tools (COG and Condor-g) will be used to launch jobs.

    MEAD (Bob Whilelmson, NCSA)

     The Scientific Portal team will provide tools that allow MEAD users to submit grid simulation jobs and schedule data mining tasks on the output results. The status of each of the tasks can be monitored via the portal. Each simulation will be associated with a variety of environmental preconditions and produce a number of numerical results. The data mining tools will allow future simulations to be scheduled and run based on discoveries made through data mining. The goal is to produce real-time simulations of severe storms based on live environmental data.

    Chemical Engineering (Richard Alkire, UIUC)

     The Chemical Engineering application will drive Scientific Portal efforts in a number of useful directions. The application will serve to steer development of generic application managers that link multiscale continuum/noncontinuum codes in various configurations. It will drive solutions to metadata management for large volumes of output files generated from repeated runs. The Portal will be the framework from which parameter assessment tools are invoked, workflow is controlled, and sensitivity software (i.e., DASPK2.0) is invoked. Further, the Chemical Engineering application will drive creation of a facile portal interface for non-CS-exper users.

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