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On this page you will find links to API documentation (typically auto-generated).

To facilitate creation of direct links to APIs in your (X)HTML page please move mouse over the API name and you will see hyperlink anchor (such as #xsul) use it to create link such as http://www.extreme.indiana.edu/apis/#xsul.

Portal APIs

Find more about Portals @ IU Extreme Lab!.

XDRS API (Javadoc, additional documentation)

Web Services related APIs

Find more about Web Services @ IU Extreme Lab!.

Stable APIs:

XSUL stable API (Javadoc and additional documentation)

XPP3/MXP1 API (Parser Javadoc, additional documentation, XmlPull.org API)

Under development:

Xsoap-C++ (API in HTML)

XML Infoset Builder API (Javadoc)

No longer developed (frozen) APIs:

XSOAP1 stable (frozen) API (Javadoc, additional documentation)

XPP2 stable (frozen) API (Javadoc, additional documentation, note that XPP2 is tightly integrated with XSOAP1)

APIs from outside Extreme! Lab:


No longer supported:

SoapRMI 1.1 (documentation)

XPP1 API (Javadoc, additional documentation)

CCA related APIs

Find more about Common Component Architecture @ IU Extreme Lab!.

XCAT3 API (Javadoc, additional documentation)

Bugs, comments, etc

Please subscribe to xgws-user mailing list and send your comments there.

Please report bugs to our bugs/issues tracker (Bugzilla).


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