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Packages that use Services

Uses of Services in soaprmi.registry

Methods in soaprmi.registry with parameters of type Services
static Registry LocateRegistry.getRegistry(java.lang.String registryUrl, Services services)
static Registry LocateRegistry.createRegistry(int port, Services services)

Uses of Services in soaprmi.server

Methods in soaprmi.server that return Services
static Services UnicastRemoteObject.getDefaultServices()

Methods in soaprmi.server with parameters of type Services
static RemoteRef SecureUnicastRemoteObject.exportObject(Remote obj, Services services, java.lang.String portName, java.lang.Class[] ifaces)
static void UnicastRemoteObject.setDefaultServices(Services services)
static RemoteRef UnicastRemoteObject.exportObject(Remote obj, Services services, java.lang.String portName, java.lang.Class[] ifaces)
static RemoteRef UnicastRemoteObject.exportObject(Remote obj, Services services)

Uses of Services in soaprmi.soaprpc

Subclasses of Services in soaprmi.soaprpc
 class HttpConnectionSoapServices
          Define entry points to SOAP web services that uses standard JDK HttpURLConnection classes..
 class SecureSoapServices
          Define entry points to decure SOAP web services.
 class SoapServices
          Define entry points to SOAP web services.

Methods in soaprmi.soaprpc that return Services
static Services HttpConnectionSoapServices.getDefault()

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