Uses of Interface

Packages that use Converter

Uses of Converter in soaprmi.server

Classes in soaprmi.server that implement Converter
 class RemoteRefConverter
          Specialied converter that converts Port into RemoteRef (by creating stub).

Uses of Converter in soaprmi.soap

Methods in soaprmi.soap that return Converter
 Converter EncodingStyle.queryConverterFrom(java.lang.Class expectedType)
 Converter EncodingStyle.queryConverterTo(java.lang.Class expectedType)

Methods in soaprmi.soap with parameters of type Converter
 void EncodingStyle.registerConverterFrom(java.lang.Class expectedType, Converter cnv)
 void EncodingStyle.registerConverterTo(java.lang.Class expectedType, Converter cnv)

Uses of Converter in soaprmi.soapenc

Classes in soaprmi.soapenc that implement Converter
 class VectorConverter
          Implementation of standard SOAP encoding style struct deserializer.

Methods in soaprmi.soapenc that return Converter
 Converter SoapEnc.queryConverterFrom(java.lang.Class expectedType)
 Converter SoapEnc.queryConverterTo(java.lang.Class expectedType)

Methods in soaprmi.soapenc with parameters of type Converter
 void SoapEnc.registerConverterFrom(java.lang.Class expectedType, Converter cnv)
 void SoapEnc.registerConverterTo(java.lang.Class expectedType, Converter cnv)

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