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Uses of SoapStyle in soaprmi.server

Methods in soaprmi.server with parameters of type SoapStyle
 RemoteRef Services.createStartpoint(java.lang.String serviceUrl, java.lang.Class[] interfaces, java.lang.String endpointBindingName, SoapStyle style, java.lang.String soapAction)

Uses of SoapStyle in soaprmi.soap

Fields in soaprmi.soap declared as SoapStyle
static SoapStyle SoapStyle.APACHESOAP
          IBM/Apache SOAP compatible serialization
static SoapStyle SoapStyle.IBMSOAP
static SoapStyle SoapStyle.MSSOAP
          Microsoft SOAP compatible
static SoapStyle SoapStyle.SOAP11
          SOAP serialzation as in examples of SOAP 1.1 spec
static SoapStyle SoapStyle.DOCUMENT
          SOAP serialization best suited for emebedding into XML documents

Methods in soaprmi.soap that return SoapStyle
 SoapStyle SerializeContext.getSoapStyle()
 SoapStyle SoapSerializeContextImpl.getSoapStyle()
static SoapStyle SoapStyle.getDefaultSoapStyle()
static SoapStyle SoapStyle.guess(boolean hadSoapAction, boolean hadMethodNs, boolean hadXsiType, boolean hadTrailingBody)

Methods in soaprmi.soap with parameters of type SoapStyle
 void SerializeContext.setSoapStyle(SoapStyle style)
 void SoapSerializeContextImpl.setSoapStyle(SoapStyle style_)
static void SoapStyle.setDefaultSoapStyle(SoapStyle style)
static void Marshaller.marshal(java.lang.Object object, writer, SoapStyle style)
static void Marshaller.marshal(java.lang.Object object, writer, SoapStyle style, XmlJavaMapping mapping)

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