Uses of Interface

Packages that use SoapDispatcher

Uses of SoapDispatcher in soaprmi.soaprpc

Classes in soaprmi.soaprpc that implement SoapDispatcher
 class HttpSocketSoapDispatcher
          Implementation of SOAP services.
 class SoapDispatcherImpl
          Implementation of SOAP services.
 class SoapServletDispatcher
          Implementation of SOAP services to use in servlets.

Methods in soaprmi.soaprpc that return SoapDispatcher
 SoapDispatcher SoapServer.getDispatcher()
 SoapDispatcher HttpSocketSoapServer.getDispatcher()

Methods in soaprmi.soaprpc with parameters of type SoapDispatcher
 void HttpSocketSoapServer.setDispatcher(SoapDispatcher disp_)
 void HttpSocketSoapServerConnection.setSoapDispatcher(SoapDispatcher dsptr_)

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