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XSoap-C++ Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
xsoap::HttpClientChannelThe class of HTTP 1.0 protocol at client side
xsoap::HttpServerThe class of HTTP server
xsoap::HttpServerChannelThe class of HTTP 1.0 protocol at server side
xsoap::XSoap12ClientProxySoap Proxy for Client
xsoap::XSoap12DeserializerThe class for deserializing the Soap 1.2 message
xsoap::XSoap12ProxyThe base class for Soap 1.2 encoding and RPC binding
xsoap::XSoap12RPCFaultA simplified Soap Fault in WSIT model
xsoap::XSoap12SerializerThe class for serializing the Soap 1.2 message
xsoap::XSoap12ServerProxyThe Soap 1.2 Proxy class for Serviec provider

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