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xsoap::HttpServer Class Reference

The class of HTTP server. More...

#include <HttpServer.hpp>

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Public Types

typedef std::map< std::string,
HttpServiceHandler * > 

Public Member Functions

 HttpServer (int port)
void * start ()
 run the http server

void registerHandler (std::string url, HttpServiceHandler *handler)
 regiester the http request handler

int getPort ()

Detailed Description

The class of HTTP server.

Http Server class basically is a dispatcher for incoming Http request to proper Http request handler

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

xsoap::HttpServer::HttpServer int  port  ) 

port: the port the Http server should listen

Member Function Documentation

void xsoap::HttpServer::registerHandler std::string  url,
HttpServiceHandler *  handler

regiester the http request handler

Http Server maintain a table for the http request handler, which is indexed by the realtive request path in the http request header

url: the relative path of Http end pointer
handler: the handler for the request heading for the end point

void * xsoap::HttpServer::start  ) 

run the http server

run the http server and begin listenning the incoming request

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