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xsoap::XSoap12ClientProxy Class Reference

Soap Proxy for Client. More...

#include <XSoap12ClientProxy.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 XSoap12ClientProxy (const std::string &uri, const std::string &act="")

msl::Sptr< const wsit::Result > invoke (const proteus::Invocation &m)
 Call a remote web service.

Detailed Description

Soap Proxy for Client.

XSoap12ClientProxy provides a set of soap 1.2 rpc invocation call interface for rpc client; It inherited from XSoap12Proxy;

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

xsoap::XSoap12ClientProxy::XSoap12ClientProxy const std::string &  uri,
const std::string &  act = ""


uri: the Uri of soap server;
act: the Action string in the soap message header, the default value is; When the object is created, a http connection to the server will be generated;

Member Function Documentation

Sptr< const Result > xsoap::XSoap12ClientProxy::invoke const proteus::Invocation &  m  ) 

Call a remote web service.

 the wsit::Invocation object, which includes the necessary information for an invocation, such as method name and arguments;
: A smart point to wsit::Result, which represents the return value of remote web service and is either wsit::ResponseResult or wsit::ExceptionResult;

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