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xsoap::XSoap12Proxy Class Reference

The base class for Soap 1.2 encoding and RPC binding. More...

#include <XSoap12Proxy.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for xsoap::XSoap12Proxy:

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Public Types

typedef std::map< std::string,
proteus::VobjectFactory * > 

Public Member Functions

void registerVobj (const std::string &type, proteus::VobjectFactory *f)
 regiester the vobject factory

Protected Member Functions

void packArgList (const wsit::ArgList_sptr &args, XSoap12Serializer &packer)
wsit::ArgList_sptr unpackArgList (XSoap12Deserializer &unpaker)

Detailed Description

The base class for Soap 1.2 encoding and RPC binding.

XSoap12Proxy provides some basic functions needed by Soap encoding and RPC binding. It has tow subtype: XSoap12ServerProxy and XSoap12ClientProxy, which provide the functions of RPC binding for RPC server and RPC client respectely;

Member Function Documentation

void xsoap::XSoap12Proxy::registerVobj const std::string &  type,
proteus::VobjectFactory *  f

regiester the vobject factory

Register the Vobject so that when deserializing the message including the vobject, the proxy can find the corresponding factory to deserialize it and generate the Vobject;

type: the name for the Vobject type;
f: the pointer to the wsit:VobjectFactory, which is responsed for deserialzing and generating the Vobject;

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