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xsoap::XSoap12ServerProxy Class Reference

The Soap 1.2 Proxy class for Serviec provider. More...

#include <XSoap12ServerProxy.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 XSoap12ServerProxy ()

void registerSkel (const std::string &uniqueName, proteus::InvocationHandler *skel)
 register skeleton within the proxy

Detailed Description

The Soap 1.2 Proxy class for Serviec provider.

XSoap12ServerProxy is counter part of XSoap12ClientProxy, but it is for service provider. This class implements the soap 1.2 encoding and RPC binding for server site. XSoap12ServerProxy inherited from XSoap12Proxy and HttpServiceHandler.

Member Function Documentation

void xsoap::XSoap12ServerProxy::registerSkel const std::string &  uniqueName,
proteus::InvocationHandler *  skel

register skeleton within the proxy

Register a skeleton provided by service provider in the proxy, XSoap12ServerPrxoy maintains a regiestry table for RPC functions.

uniqueName: the function name of RPC function, which should be unique;
skel: a pointer wsit::InvocationHandler

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