Uses of Interface

Packages that use RoutingTable
xsul.dispatcher.routingtable A registry of services. 

Uses of RoutingTable in xsul.den

Classes in xsul.den that implement RoutingTable
 class DenRoutingTable

Methods in xsul.den with parameters of type RoutingTable
 void DenRoutingTable.putAll(RoutingTable t)

Constructors in xsul.den with parameters of type RoutingTable
DenRoutingHandler(java.lang.String name, RoutingTable routingTable)

Uses of RoutingTable in xsul.den.scheduler

Constructors in xsul.den.scheduler with parameters of type RoutingTable
RandomScheduler(RoutingTable table)
RoundRobinScheduler(RoutingTable table)

Uses of RoutingTable in xsul.dispatcher.msg.clientconnection

Constructors in xsul.dispatcher.msg.clientconnection with parameters of type RoutingTable
PoolClientConnection(RoutingTable routingTable)
          Create and initialize a pool of threads to serve clients requests.

Uses of RoutingTable in xsul.dispatcher.msg.wsconnection

Constructors in xsul.dispatcher.msg.wsconnection with parameters of type RoutingTable
PoolWSConnection(RoutingTable routingTable)
          Create a new pool.

Uses of RoutingTable in xsul.dispatcher.routingtable

Classes in xsul.dispatcher.routingtable that implement RoutingTable
 class RoutingTableImpl
          An implementation of Routing Table.

Methods in xsul.dispatcher.routingtable with parameters of type RoutingTable
 void RoutingTable.putAll(RoutingTable t)
          Copies all of the mappings from the specified Map to this Routing Table These mappings will replace any mappings that this Routing Table had for any of the keys currently in the specified Routing Table.
 void RoutingTableImpl.putAll(RoutingTable t)

Uses of RoutingTable in xsul.dispatcher.rpc.clientconnection

Constructors in xsul.dispatcher.rpc.clientconnection with parameters of type RoutingTable
ServletClientConnection(RoutingTable routingTable)
          Create a new ServletClientConnection with a specified Routing Table.

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