Uses of Interface

Packages that use MessageInvoker
xsul.ws_addressing This module provides a simple implementation of WS-Addressing. 

Uses of MessageInvoker in xsul.invoker.capability

Classes in xsul.invoker.capability that implement MessageInvoker
 class AutoCapabilityInvoker
 class CapabilityInvoker


Uses of MessageInvoker in xsul.invoker.password

Classes in xsul.invoker.password that implement MessageInvoker
 class PasswordInvoker

Uses of MessageInvoker in xsul.invoker.secconv

Classes in xsul.invoker.secconv that implement MessageInvoker
 class SecurityRequestorInvoker

Uses of MessageInvoker in xsul.invoker.signature

Classes in xsul.invoker.signature that implement MessageInvoker
 class SignatureInvoker

Uses of MessageInvoker in xsul.invoker.soap_over_http

Classes in xsul.invoker.soap_over_http that implement MessageInvoker
 class SoapHttpDynamicInfosetInvoker
          This class allows to send SOAP (by default 1.1) to HTTP endpoint.

Uses of MessageInvoker in xsul.soaprpc_client

Constructors in xsul.soaprpc_client with parameters of type MessageInvoker
SoapRpcInvocationHandler(MessageInvoker invoker, TypeHandlerRegistry registry)
SoapRpcInvocationHandler(MessageInvoker invoker, TypeHandlerRegistry registry, XmlNamespace targetServiceNamespace)

Uses of MessageInvoker in xsul.ws_addressing

Classes in xsul.ws_addressing that implement MessageInvoker
 class WsaInvoker
          Invoker that will use WSA headers to decide where to send message (wsa:To) and will use WSA processing node to indicate where to send replies.

Uses of MessageInvoker in xsul.xbeans_document_invoker

Classes in xsul.xbeans_document_invoker that implement MessageInvoker
 class XBeansDocumentInvoker
          Sends a XmlObject document to remote service and returns the resulting document todo: add support for XmlElement

Uses of MessageInvoker in xsul.xbeans_secure_document_invoker

Classes in xsul.xbeans_secure_document_invoker that implement MessageInvoker
 class CapXBeansDocumentInvoker

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