Uses of Interface

Packages that use WSIFMessage

Uses of WSIFMessage in xsul.wsif

Methods in xsul.wsif that return WSIFMessage
 WSIFMessage WSIFOperation.createInputMessage()
          Create an input message that will be sent via this port.
 WSIFMessage WSIFOperation.createOutputMessage()
          Create an output message that will be received into via this port.
 WSIFMessage WSIFOperation.createFaultMessage()
          Create a fault message that may be received into via this port.

Methods in xsul.wsif with parameters of type WSIFMessage
 boolean WSIFOperation.executeRequestResponseOperation(WSIFMessage input, WSIFMessage output, WSIFMessage fault)
          Execute a request-response operation.
 void WSIFOperation.executeInputOnlyOperation(WSIFMessage input)
          Execute an input-only operation.

Uses of WSIFMessage in xsul.wsif_xsul_soap_http

Methods in xsul.wsif_xsul_soap_http that return WSIFMessage
 WSIFMessage XsulSoapOperation.createInputMessage()
 WSIFMessage XsulSoapOperation.createOutputMessage()
 WSIFMessage XsulSoapOperation.createFaultMessage()

Methods in xsul.wsif_xsul_soap_http with parameters of type WSIFMessage
 boolean XsulSoapOperation.executeRequestResponseOperation(WSIFMessage input, WSIFMessage output, WSIFMessage fault)
 void XsulSoapOperation.executeInputOnlyOperation(WSIFMessage input)

Uses of WSIFMessage in xsul.wsif.impl

Classes in xsul.wsif.impl that implement WSIFMessage
 class WSIFMessageElement
          WSIF Message that is built on top of XmlElement

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