Uses of Interface

Packages that use WSIFPort
xsul.xwsif_runtime Provides easy to use frontend to WSIF functionality. 

Uses of WSIFPort in xsul.wsif

Methods in xsul.wsif that return WSIFPort
 WSIFPort WSIFService.getPort()
          Returns an appropriate WSIFPort for the portType that this factory supports.
 WSIFPort WSIFService.getPort(java.lang.String portName)
          Returns a WSIFPort for the indicated port.

Uses of WSIFPort in xsul.wsif_xsul_soap_http

Classes in xsul.wsif_xsul_soap_http that implement WSIFPort
 class XsulSoapPort
          XSUL Soap/HTTP communication endpoint.

Methods in xsul.wsif_xsul_soap_http that return WSIFPort
 WSIFPort Provider.createDynamicWSIFPort(WsdlPort port, TypeHandlerRegistry typeMap)

Uses of WSIFPort in xsul.wsif.impl

Methods in xsul.wsif.impl that return WSIFPort
 WSIFPort WSIFServiceImpl.getPort()
 WSIFPort WSIFServiceImpl.getPort(java.lang.String portName)
          Return dynamic port instance selected by port name.

Uses of WSIFPort in xsul.wsif.spi

Methods in xsul.wsif.spi that return WSIFPort
 WSIFPort WSIFProvider.createDynamicWSIFPort(WsdlPort port, TypeHandlerRegistry typeMap)
          For the given WSDL definition, service and port try to provide dynamic port, or return null if this provider can not do it.
 WSIFPort WSIFProviderManager.createDynamicWSIFPort(WsdlPort port, TypeHandlerRegistry typeMap)

Uses of WSIFPort in xsul.xwsif_runtime

Methods in xsul.xwsif_runtime with parameters of type WSIFPort
 WSIFClient WSIFRuntime.newClientFor(WSIFPort port)
 WSIFClient XmlBeansWSIFRuntime.newClientFor(WSIFPort port)

Constructors in xsul.xwsif_runtime with parameters of type WSIFPort
WSIFClient(WSIFPort port)
WSIFRuntimeInvocationHandler(java.lang.Class portTypeInterface, WSIFPort port, TypeHandlerRegistry registry, java.util.List handlers, boolean xmlElementBasedStub)
XmlBeansWSIFClient(WSIFPort port)
XmlBeansWSIFRuntimeInvocationHandler(java.lang.Class portTypeInterface, WSIFPort port, java.util.List handlers)

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