Uses of Interface

Packages that use XHandler
xsul.xservo Provides easy to use frontend to WSIF functionality. 
xsul.xwsif_runtime Provides easy to use frontend to WSIF functionality. 

Uses of XHandler in xsul.den

Classes in xsul.den that implement XHandler
 class DenRoutingHandler

Uses of XHandler in xsul.xhandler

Classes in xsul.xhandler that implement XHandler
 class BaseHandler
          Base class to simplify writing handlers: simply override processIncoming|OutgoingXml method
 class WorkloadHandler

Uses of XHandler in xsul.xhandler.client

Classes in xsul.xhandler.client that implement XHandler
 class ClientCapabilityHandler
 class ClientSecConvHandler
 class ClientSignatureHandler

Uses of XHandler in xsul.xhandler.server

Classes in xsul.xhandler.server that implement XHandler
 class ServerCapabilityHandler
 class ServerSecConvHandler
 class ServerSignatureHandler

Uses of XHandler in xsul.xservo

Methods in xsul.xservo with parameters of type XHandler
 XService XService.addHandler(XHandler handler)
 XService XServiceBase.addHandler(XHandler handler)

Uses of XHandler in xsul.xwsif_runtime

Methods in xsul.xwsif_runtime with parameters of type XHandler
 WSIFClient WSIFClient.addHandler(XHandler handler)

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