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Packages that use CapabilityManager

Uses of CapabilityManager in xsul.xpola

Methods in xsul.xpola that return CapabilityManager
static CapabilityManager XpolaFactory.getCapman()
          If there is no location paramerter specified, we can get the db context from the configuration in the portlet's web.xml
static CapabilityManager XpolaFactory.getCapman(java.lang.String svcloc)
static CapabilityManager XpolaFactory.getCapman(int _dbType, java.lang.String _dbname, java.lang.String _username, java.lang.String _passwd)
static CapabilityManager XpolaFactory.getCapman(int location)

Uses of CapabilityManager in xsul.xpola.capman

Classes in xsul.xpola.capman that implement CapabilityManager
 class CapmanAbstractImpl
 class CapmanClient
 class CapmanMemImpl
 class PersistentCapman

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