Uses of Interface

Packages that use XService
xsul.xservices_xbeans use Xmlbeans to implement your Web Services. 
xsul.xservo Provides easy to use frontend to WSIF functionality. 
xsul.xservo_soap Service Servo to expose through SOAP messaging logic implemented in Java. 
xsul.xservo_soap_http Implementation of Web Services hosting container for SOAP/HTTP. 

Uses of XService in xsul.den

Classes in xsul.den that implement XService
 class DoNothingServiceBase

Uses of XService in xsul.xservices_xbeans

Classes in xsul.xservices_xbeans that implement XService
 class XmlBeansBasedService
          This class provides services over HTTP.

Uses of XService in xsul.xservo

Classes in xsul.xservo that implement XService
 class XServiceBase
          Base class to help to build XService implmentations

Methods in xsul.xservo that return XService
 XService XService.addHandler(XHandler handler)
 XService XServiceBase.addHandler(XHandler handler)
 XService XServiceServo.addService(XService service)

Methods in xsul.xservo with parameters of type XService
 XService XServiceServo.addService(XService service)

Uses of XService in xsul.xservo_soap

Classes in xsul.xservo_soap that implement XService
 class XSoapRpcBasedService
          This class provides services over HTTP.

Uses of XService in xsul.xservo_soap_http

Methods in xsul.xservo_soap_http that return XService
 XService HttpBasedServices.addService(XService service)

Methods in xsul.xservo_soap_http with parameters of type XService
 XService HttpBasedServices.addService(XService service)

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