Uses of Class

Packages that use XServiceBase
xsul.xservices_xbeans use Xmlbeans to implement your Web Services. 
xsul.xservo_soap Service Servo to expose through SOAP messaging logic implemented in Java. 

Uses of XServiceBase in xsul.den

Subclasses of XServiceBase in xsul.den
 class DoNothingServiceBase

Uses of XServiceBase in xsul.xservices_xbeans

Subclasses of XServiceBase in xsul.xservices_xbeans
 class XmlBeansBasedService
          This class provides services over HTTP.

Uses of XServiceBase in xsul.xservo_soap

Subclasses of XServiceBase in xsul.xservo_soap
 class XSoapRpcBasedService
          This class provides services over HTTP.

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