CAT Funding

The CAT project is generously being funded by the following organizations:

  • DOE2000
  • "Integration of Symbolic Computing with Frameworks of Classes and Problem Solving Archetypes" NSF CCR-9527130, CalTech Contract # PC182050
  • Univ. of Illinois Subcontract - "An Integrate, Language-Directed Performance Prediction, Measurement and Environment Analysis" DARPA - Department of the Navy N66001-97-C-8532, UI subcontract # 98-127
  • Univ. of Illinois Subcontract - "High Performance C++ and Object Technology for Massively Parallel Systems" NCSA-PACI NSF ACI-9619019, UofI subcontract # 757AT-11018A
  • Team B - Univ. of Illinois Subcontract - "Object Metacomputing" NCSA-PACI NSF ACI-9619019, UofI subcontract #757ET-21017A
  • CalTech Subcontract - "Advanced Scientific Computational Infrastructure: ASAP" CalTech Contract #PC273514, DOE ASCI/ASAP
  • DOE 98ER25349 -
  • NSF ASC95-02292 - "Partial Orthogonalization Methods in Scientific Computing"
  • NSF CDA96-01632 - "Acquisition of a Distributed and Immersive Visualization Environment for Complex Systems"
  • IBM SUR Grant

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