CAT Development Team

The CAT Development Team is composed of faculty, staff, and students in the Extreme! Computing Lab, located in the Computer Science Department at Indiana University - Bloomington. Below is a listing of member titles and the roles they played in the CAT project:


Dennis Gannon, : principal investigator for CAT model
Randy Bramley, : principal investigator for CAT LSA


Benjamin Temko, : HPC++/Globus guru


Fabian Breg, : author of NexusRMI


Prafulla Deuskar, : parallel HPC++ components
Shridhar Diwan, : HPC++ consultant
Ying Feng, : Emily LSA component
Madhusudhan Govindaraju, : HPC++ framework, GRAM server
David Stern, HPC++ framework design, LSA components
Juan Villacis, : CAT design, GUI workspace
Andrew Whitaker, : information subsystem, GUI InfoBrowser
You can send mail to all of the above members via the mailing list.

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