Port Methods

Both input ports and output ports provide these methods to the component developer:
int setName(HPCxx_String s);
int setReadme(HPCxx_String s);
setName and setReadme allow the component developer to specify the name and readme for the port. These strings will subsequently be send to the CAT when it calls getName and getReadme.

Input Port Methods

Additionally, the following methods are provided only by input ports:
int dataReady()
This tells method returns TRUE or FALSE according to whether or not there is data waiting in the buffer of this input port.
void clear()
This method tells the input port to remove the data from it's buffer. After this method is called, subsequent calls to dataReady will return FALSE until data is written to the input port.
void read(T& t);
The method fills in t with the data currently in the input port's buffer. This does not have the effect of emptying the port. If the port is empty, then t is filled in with a default object of type T. (T is the port type)

Output Port Methods

void write(T& t)
The component developer calls write(t) when the computation is complete. The object given as a parameter to write will be sent to all listener of this output port (recall that the listeners are specified at the CAT, and communicated to the output port via a call to addListener).

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