Download CCAT and Related Software

The CCAT software consists of the following parts:

  • Our implementation of the CCA specification, as described here. The currently availble version of CCAT is not fully compliant yet, but the next release will be.
  • An example set of CCA components. These include
    1. A set of components used for linear system analysis.
    2. A set of components to help users compose applications made up of CCAT components rapidly. We have
      • An application composition GUI, a GUI to browse information directories and one to browse registries. See the demo page for an example application composition session with these components.
      • A CCAT servlet component which can be installed in any web server that supports servlet technology. This will allow users to compose CCAT applications from the web. See our CCAT web interface for details
      • A JPython API for accessing CCAT, so users can write python scripts to compose CCAT applications and use CCAT services.
      • A Matlab interface which allows users to make use of CCAT from the Matlab command line.
    3. An event channel component which can be used for intra component and inter component communication through a publish-subsrcibe mechanism.

The GUI components are written in Java and will run on any platform that has the JDK 1.2 (or higher) installed. The event channel is available in Java and C++. The computational backends are written mostly in HPC++ (a high perofrmance C++ library) with C and Fortran bindings, and they require a Unix/Linux platform that has Globus, SSL and HPC++ installed.

Here are pointers to all the software you need: