Template for ConcatComponent.h


#include "../../../../framework/ccacore/Component.h"

// forward declarations
// prevents code bloat
class Services;
class ConcatParms;

// This inheritance structure **has** to be followed
// lest death and destruction shall rain on you
class ConcatComponent : public Component {


        virtual ~ConcatComponent();
        void setServices(Services *cc);


// You may want to have a method with this signature
        void startComputation(ConcatParms *);

// You must have a private pointer to the Services object
       Services *m_core;

// You should ideally have a pointer to the provides port
// implementation

    MyStringPort_impl *m_myStringPort;

// You may want to have a pointer to the paramter object
// that you will recieve in your implementation of the
// provided port
        ConcatParms_impl *m_concatParmsPort;

// You may want to have some boolean variables to
// control the flow of execution, especially if
// your code is threaded. I don't see any urgent
// need to use threads for this contrived example
// though.

        bool m_computing;
        bool m_stopped;


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