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Installing the CogBox


The build setup, as has the organization of the code, has been completely redone with this version of the CogBox. I have moved from Makefiles to using ant, which is much more interesting and useful. Build instructions are as follows:

  1. Edit the cogbox.xml file and look for this line close to the top:
    <property name="cogjar"  value="/l/extreme/java/cog/0.9.11/dist/cog.jar" />            
    Change the "value" string of this property to match your local cog installation - if you don't have a cog.jar file you can specify a list of directories and jar files in the traditional classpath format and ant will figure the rest out. If you are using the one-jarfile method, make sure you have also added the jars which are included in the CoG distribution lib directory, as the cogbox build and run routines expect the classpath to contain everything required to build/run cog-based programs. Make sure you put this in quotes!

  2. Set the value of JAVA_HOME in the script (or, for cygwin users you must edit the script) to point to your local java installation. If you already have JAVA_HOME set in your environment you may comment out the line where it's set in the script.
That's it. To build type:
    % ./
Or, if you are in the cygwin environment:
    % ./
This should compile all the sources and build the jar for you.


The CogBox needs a few things from you in order to function happily. First of all, it needs a directory space in which to store some information. The default location of this directory is $(HOME)/.cogbox/. This value may be overridden by setting the environment variable COGBOX_HOME to a directory of your choice. In either case, please make sure the directory exists. Once you have established a working directory for your CogBox, you need the following:

Congratulations, you're ready to run the CogBox!

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