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[   ]GSX-1.0_RC1_all.tar.gz2004-03-11 05:24 9.9M 
[   ]GSX-1.0_RC1_all.zip2004-03-11 05:24 10M 
[   ]GSX-1.0_RC1_src.tar.gz2004-03-11 05:24 429K 
[   ]GSX-1.0_RC1_src.zip2004-03-11 05:24 638K 
[   ]GSX-1.1_B1_all.tar.gz2004-03-23 15:13 17M 
[   ]GSX-1.1_B1_all.zip2004-03-23 15:13 18M 
[   ]GSX-1.1_B1_src.tar.gz2004-03-23 15:13 17M 
[   ]GSX-1.1_B1_src.zip2004-03-23 15:13 17M 
[   ]GSX_0.1.2.src.tar.gz2003-11-11 02:36 5.7M 
[   ]GSX_0.1.2.src.zip2003-11-11 02:36 5.8M 
[   ]GSX_0.1.6.src.tar.gz2004-01-12 17:31 13M 
[   ]GSX_0.1.6.src.zip2004-01-12 17:33 13M 
[   ]GSX_1.0_A3_all.tar.gz2004-02-16 15:04 13M 
[   ]GSX_1.0_A3_all.zip2004-02-16 15:04 13M 
[   ]GSX_1.0_A3_src.tar.gz2004-02-16 15:04 12M 
[   ]GSX_1.0_A3_src.zip2004-02-16 15:04 13M 

GSX downloads This files (*src*) contain the source distribution of GSX. The jars necessary to use GSX are available in ../jars or are public jars available through ibiblio maven. Look at the documentation inside the distribution on which jar version to use and how to build GSX.

The files (*all*) includes the binary version of GSX, along with the source and all required jars. This is one self-contained package.

GSX v1.X is the current distribution. It uses XSoap4 (W/XSUL) as the Web Service Library. Distributions prior to that (GSX v0.x) are also available but not supported any longer. They use the older XSoap2 libraries.

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