The Generic Service Toolkit (GFac2)


This is the second version of the The Generic Service Toolkit, if you are looking for older version it can be found at However we strongly recommend using the new version

The Generic Service Toolkit can "wrap" any command-line application as an application service. An application service is a web service interface to a command-line application. When an application service is invoked with a given set of input parameters, it runs the application with those input parameters (possibly on a cluster of resources), monitors the application and returns the results to the user. This toolkit can be used by application providers (a.k.a application service providers or service providers) to wrap any command-line application as an application service without writing any program code or modifying their applications in any way. The toolkit also provides a generic web service client that allows users to securely access any application service created by the toolkit from the convenience of a Grid Portal. When a user accesses an application service, the user is presented with a graphical user interface (GUI) to that service. The GUI contains a list of operations that the user is allowed to invoke on that service. After choosing an operation, the user is presented with a GUI for that operation, which allows the user to specify all the input parameters to that operation. The user can then invoke the operation on the service and get the output results.


If you are a new user we recommend you to start with the User Guide and Gfac portlet guide that provide easy way to create configuration files.

If you are looking for a reference or deeper understanding about Generic Service Toolkit please look at the Architecture Guide

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