Writing a Simple ApplicationDescription Document

We mentioned in Chapter 1 that an application is uniquely identified by a fully qualified name (QName). An ApplicationDescription document identifies a particular deployment of an application. A sample is given below. For more details, refer its schema. This document is usually written by the application provider and must be registered with a well known Registry service.

<ApplicationDescription xmlns="http://www.extreme.indiana.edu/namespaces/2004/01/gFac"

    <applicationName targetNamespace="http://www.extreme.indiana.edu/lead">TestApp</applicationName>

        <projectDescription>LEAD Account on TeraGrid</projectDescription>
        <queueDescription>Test queue</queueDescription>
        <decription>Run 10 counts of the application<description>
    <rslparm name="archi" >64-bit</rslparm>
hostNamespecifies the name of the host on which the application has been deployed. Yes
executablepath to the actual application on that host. Yes
workDiroptional and specifies the working directory for that application. Optional
tmpDiroptional and specifies the temporary directory for running the application. The temporary directory is usually used by the service to store the standard out,standard error and temporary files of the application. Optional
applicationEnvThe environment variables to be passed to the application. Optional
jobTypeDeafult is single and If the application is an MPI application then you need to specify it using the. This will tell the application service can run the application as an MPI application.Optional
leadNameListFileThe path to the LEAD Namelist file for this application on this host. This is used only if the application is a LEAD application that uses Namelists for inputOptional
project Describes the project that must be charged for the jobOptional
queueDescribes the queue that must be used to submit this jobOptional
maxWallTimeExplicitly set the maximum walltime for a single execution of the executable. The units is in minutes.Optional
countThe number of processors to use for the jobOptional
rslparmCustom RSL parameters. You can have zero or more of them. They will be added to the RSL used for job submissionOptional