Getting started

Once you logged in you will see this screen.

The portlets allows you to
  1. Add new Hosts
  2. Regsiter a new Service description
  3. Create a new Service
  4. Invoke a running Service

Add Hosts

If you are installing your own version of Gfac portlets you must add all the host you need to use to create new Application services. These hosts include both the hosts you use to run applications as well as hosts you use to run your services. However if you are using portlets somebody has configured for you, they must have added the host descriptions. In that case you could skip this step. Also this is a one time process, unless you wants to add new hosts later.

  1. Click on Add new Hosts link
  2. Fill up the information, you must provide a host name (your host's real name), java 1.5 location and Gfac location. To provide a Gfac location unzip Gafc binery distribution insde that host and provide path to unzipped folder as gfac path
  3. Click Add Host
  4. Do above for each of your host

Register a New Service

This step register a new service in the Gfac registry. This is a abstract description of the service and you may create a concreate instance of the service using this description. Aslo you may, create more than one instance of the service if you needed. Creating services will be explained in next section

  1. Click on Register a New Service, fllowing screen will apper
  2. Fill up the information, you must provide a Service Name, and method name.
  3. You must create or choose a application your service will be based on. The Aplication Name field list all the avalibale applications registered so far. You could also create a new applcation by selecting New and fill up the application fields. If you choose a existing applcation, the Application fields will be disabled.
  4. If you choose to add a new applcation, you must provide a Applcation name, execuatable and choose a host name. While providing a applcation make sure you provide a abslolute path, and it is readable to the user, under who's account the factory service is running. For lead applcations this is drlead. See Writing Application Desciption for more information.
  5. Add inputs, provide name and choose the type of the inputs. You may add new inputs by clicking on the "AddInput" button.
  6. Add outputs, provide name and choose the type of the outputs. You may add new outputs by clicking on the "AddInput" button. Your appication must either Unfortunatly there is no way factory could check does one of them is avalible, as a result unless they are avalible the service will fail at the execation time
  7. Click register new Service to register the service in registry
  8. Read Writing a Service Map document to learn more about the values we used.

Create New Service Instance

  1. You can create a new Service instance using exising Service serivce desciptions. Click on CreateService to get started
  2. Intial form let you search existing service desciptions. To see all services click Search without filing anything
  3. Each result will have a "Create Service" button to the left. Choose the service you need and click the associate button
  4. Next window show you the service name, click create Service.
  5. The portlet will contact the factory and create a service. Service creation might take some time. Please be patient

Invoking a Service

  1. Go to Link "InvokeWS"
  2. You will see a search for running service instances, empty String will return all the running instances.
  3. Find the service you need to invoke and click invoke
  4. Click invoke, then following screen apper
  5. The next screen will present you a form to fill, which will have a input parameters for each parameter of your service.
  6. Fill in the parameters and invoke, the portlet will print the results for the service invoked.

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