Options for Gfac

An Applcation Service instance load the configuration from following locations

  1. Explicit Properties passed as a argument at service statup
  2. $HOME/login.properties where home is user's home directory.
  3. conf/gfac.properties in the GFac installation

They take precedence in that order. (e.g. Explict properties override everything). Settings of the factory is propergated to all Applcation Services created by it.

Common Options

Following options can be used with Factory service as well as Application service.

registryURL The URL of the registry from which the service map document and other documents can be obtained.
registryURL = http://everest.extreme.indiana.edu:22000/resource_catalog?wsdl
Optional for Standalone Services
Mandatory for Factory Service
Not used with registry Service
notificationBrokerURL The Notification Broker URL to which notification messages must be sent
e.g. notificationBrokerURL = http://tyr12.cs.indiana.edu:12346
myLEADAgentURLLocation of MyLEAD Agent.Optional, data will not be registered with MyLEAD. Unless you are LEAD project memeber and have acess to LEAD portal, you should igone this property.
hostscheduler.wsdlurlLocation of Host scheduler.Optional, if this is not specified, first avalible host is used to run the application.
All of the following three options must either be specified or not at all. The MyProxy username so that the service can renew its X509 proxy certificate.
 myproxyUserName = gkandasw
 myproxyPasswd = "abcdef"
 myproxyServer = rainier.extreme.indiana.edu
 myproxyLifetime = 14400
MyProxy lifetime is in seconds (float and integer values only)
Optional If this is not specified service will try to use Globus credentails. If that fails, service will fail!

OPTIONAL: The port on which the service must be started. If you don't provide this, the service will start on some free port.

e.g. port = 12344
installationIf this value is "local", Gfac assume a local installation, and does not search for CredentialsOptional
filetransferService Takes one of the values, DAMN,GridFTP,SSH.
If DAMN is specified, "damn.wsdlUrl" property must also specified.
If SSH is specified either ssh cedentails need to set up in default locations or gfac.ssh.* properties must be specified.
Optional, if not specified GridFTP is asummed.
Configurations for ssh Key file. If it is not specified following values are assumed.
gfac.ssh.username=users username taken from java properties
gfac.ssh.password=key file is unencrypted
Optional, required if SSH is specified as filetransferService
gfac.prefferedProviderTake one of the values Local,Gram,WSGram,SSH,ResourceBroker
If SSH is specified either ssh cedentails need to set up in default locations or gfac.ssh.* properties must be specified.
xmlconfigFile User may define a XML configuration file to add extensions to GFac installation. This property to refer to a such configuration file. A same file is given below.
<configuration xmlns="http://www.extreme.indiana.edu/namespaces/2004/01/gFac">
	<extension className="edu.indiana.extreme.gfac.extension.LEADExtension" type = "static"/>
Each class name must refer to a class that implements DynamicExtension or StaticExtension class and type should be either "dynamic" or "static".
Optional, if not specified file gfac.xml file will be loaded from gfac jar, which will load LEAD configurations.

Standalone Service instance's Options

serviceMapFileThe service map document for this application service. If you don't provide this,you must provide the QName of the service map document and the registry URL from which it can be obtained
e.g. serviceMapFile = adasintrp.xml
Optional, but serviceQName or this must be specified
appDescFile An application description document for the application associated with this service. If you don't specify this option, the service will try to obtain this from the registry. So you must have already registered this document with the specified registry.
appDescFile = appDescDocs/adasintrp-mercury.xml
hostDescFile A host description document for the host on which the service can run its application. If you don't specify this the service will get it from the registry
hostDescFile = ../hostDescDocs/mercury.xml
serviceQName OPTIONAL: The QName of the service map document. A service map document with the specified QName must have been already registered with the registry URL specified below serviceQName = {http://www.extreme.indiana.edu/lead}LEAD_Test1 Optional, but serviceMapFile or this must be specified

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