Starting a Standalone Service Using Gfac

  1. You need to have ServiceMap, Application Desciption and Host description created. Please refer to Gopi's Tutorials, Service Map
  2. Host Description, Appication Description
  3. Create a property file for your service. For an example following is a simple property file,
    serviceMapFile = samples/wrf/wrf.xml
    appDescFile = samples/wrf/appDescDocs/wrf-mercury.xml
    hostDescFile = samples/hosts/mercury.xml
    port = 12344
    More Options can be found from the reference documents.
  4. Start the service
    	$export GFAC_HOME=path to gfac
    	$cd $GFAC_HOME
    	$./ path_to_property-file

    if service is succesfully started it it prints

    	Service WSDL is avalible from http://host:port/?wsdl
  5. Shell will hangs while service is running. You can stop the service by pressing Ctrl+C. To Find out how to invoke the service go here

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