GGF-10 Berlin, March 9, 2004. 9:00am-6:20pm

Workflow in Grid Systems: Final Program

9:00-9:20   Dave Berry -Welcome and Review of the Edinburgh Workflow Workshop [slides (4MB)]
9:25-9:45   Matthew Shields and Ian Taylor Programming Scientific and Distributed Workflow with Triana Service [slides (2MB)]
9:50-10:10  Stefan Frank A question of scale. Bringing an existing bio-science workflow engine to the grid [slides]
10:10-10:30   Tom Oinn Taverna, lessons in creating a workflow environment for the life sciences [slides]
11:00-11:20   Anthony Mayer Workflow Expression: Comparison of Spatial and Temporal Approaches [slides]
11:20-12:00   Panel Critical Issues: each with a 5 minute (one slide) position statement followed by discussion.
Simon Cox (moderator) [slides, blackboard photos], Dan Gunter [slide], Howard Chivers [slide], Gregory Graham [slide]
12:00-12:25   Responses and Issues Moderator Carol Goble [slides]
12:30 -1:30
1:30-1:50   Dieter Cybok A Grid Workflow Infrastructure [slides]
1:55-2:15   Bertram Ludaescher Kepler: Towards a Grid-Enabled System for Scientific Workflows [slides (10MB)]
2:20-2:40   Andreas Hoheisel User Tools and Languages for Graph-based Grid Workflows [slides]
2:45-3:25   Panel Grid Workflow Programming and Enactment Issues (5 minute (one slide) position statement followed by discussion.) [overview slides]
Ewa Deelman (moderator) [slide], Rosa Badia [slide], M. Lawenda [slide], Pavlos Protopapas [slide]
4:00-4:20 Frank Leymann (invited speaker) - Choreography For Grid Services [slides]
4:25-4:40   Rania Khalaf Implementing BPEL4WS [slides]
4:45-5:00   Aleksander Slominski On Using BPEL Extensibility to Implement OGSI and WSRF Grid Workflows [slides]
5:10-5:45   Panel Tools Presentations [slides]
Piyush Mehrotra (moderator) ScyFlow: An Environment for the Visual Specification [slides]
Peter Kacsuk P-GRADE [slides]
Michal Kosiedowski GridLab and PROGRESS projects [slides (2MB)]
5:45 6:20   Wrap-up discussion and final comments.
Moderator Geoffrey Fox [slides]

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