An HPCxx_Sync<T> object is a variable that can be written to once and read as many times as you want. However, if a read is attempted prior to a write, the reading thread will be blocked. Many readers can be waiting for a single HPCXX_Sync<T> object and when a value is written to it all the readers are released. Readers that come after the initial write see this as a const value. CC++ provides this capability as the sync modifier.

Class Definition

template<class T>
class HPCxx_Sync{
       operator T();    // read a value
       operator =(T &); // assign a value
       void read(T &);  // another form of read
       void write(T &); // another form of writing
       bool peek(T &);  // TRUE if the value is there, 
                        // returns FALSE otherwise.


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