HPC++ Class Libraries

HPC++ provides a set of class and template libraries that effectively defines a portion of its application programming interface (API). It provides a thread class and associated functions that developers can use to write applications on small to moderately sized shared memory machines. It provides a parallel version of the Standard Template Library that can be used in either the shared memory or the SPMD paradigm. The library provides a set of synchronization primitives and collective operations that can be used with threads and the two modes of execution. For making method invocations on remote contexts, the library provides an abstraction called global pointer. This concept is derived from similarly named abstraction in the CC++ language, where it represents a remote reference to an object residing in a remote context.
  • Threads
  • Global Pointers
  • Synchronization
  • Parallel Standard Template Library (PSTL) 1
  • 1: It is not available in the current version of HPC++, but will be added soon.

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