HPCxx_CSem provide a way to wait for a group of threads to synchronize termination of a number of tasks. When constructed, a limit value is supplied and a counter is set to zero. A thread executing waitAndReset() will suspend until the counter reaches the "limit" value. The counter is then reset to zero. The overloaded ``++'' operator increments the counter by one.

By passing a reference to a HPCxx_CSem to a group of threads each of which does a ``++'' prior to exit, you can build a multi-threaded "join" operation.

Class Definition

class HPCxx_CSem{
   HPCxx_CSem(int limit);
   // prefix and postfix ++ operators. 
   HPCxx_CSem& operator++();           
   const HPCxx_CSem& operator++();    
   HPCxx_CSem& operator++(int);      
   const HPCxx_CSem& operator++(int); 
   waitAndReset(); // wait until the count reaches the limit
                      // then reset the counter to 0 and exit.


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