Resources Related to the HPC++

Below are some links that involve high performance C/C++ languages, programming environments, and tools, particularly applicable to scientific computing.
  • Open HPC++, is based on HPC++, but provides advanced features such as an application-level run-time protocol adaptivity mechanism, a capabilities based model of communication, and a set of flexible yet powerful load-balancing tools. Open HPC++ is being used as a research-level flavour of HPC++ to try out new concepts and features before they are incorporated into the standard HPC++.
  • Blitz++, a high performance scientific C++ library. It uses the concept of Expression Templates to achieve performance comparable to optimized Fortran code.
  • pC++, is a portable parallel C++ for high performance computers. It is a language extention to C++ that permits data-parallel style opertations using a mechanism called collections of objects.
  • CC++ , a parallel programming language based on C++. It was from CC++ that HPC++ borrowed the idea of global pointers that span across multiple contexts.

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