NexusRMI Documentation

This is the documentation describing the Unix version of NexusRMI. This documentation is also distributed with NexusRMI.

What is NexusRMI?

NexusRMI is a Remote Method Invocation framework implementing broadly the same functionality as Java's own Remote Method Invocation framework. We implemented most of the functionality, but some things are yet unsupported.

NexusRMI is built on top of NexusJava which is part of the Globus project. Because some modifications that had to be made to NexusJava in order to work for NexusRMI, we include the NexusJava package in this NexusRMI release.

This distribution includes a complete RMI runtime system, together with two supporting compilers: the first compiler supports object serialization, which is used to pass non-remote objects by value, the second compiler generates the necessary stub and skeleton pairs.


Manual pages

NexusRMI object serialization

The NexusRMI object serialization framework is described here.

Future work

NexusRMI is ongoing work. Currently unsupport features and suggestions for future work are described here.


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