nexusrmic manual


nexusrmic - Stub / Skeleton compiler for the NexusRMI system


nexusrmic [options] remote-class...


Nexusrmic is the compiler that generates stubs and skeletons for the specified remote object specifications. A remote object specification should be passed to nexusrmic using its fully qualified class name (without the ".class" suffix).

The generated stub and skeleton class will have the same package specification as the remote object itself and therefore will be placed in the same directory. If the remote class name is "Remote", the generated stub will be called "Remote_Stub" and the skeleton will be called "Remote_Skel".

Nexusrmic is just a wrapper shell script around javas, which does the actual work.

Javas will search for the class files of all classes directly or indirectly referenced by the remote class. Currently, it cannot read from compressed/ archived class file repositories. To allow javas to access the system classes, it is advised that the class file repository that comes with the Java development tools is unpacked in a separate directory.

Javas uses the CLASSPATH variable to find the class files it needs. Make sure this variable is setup correctly. Because it is generally advised not to have the unpacked class files in the CLASSPATH, the nexusrmic shell script will include this location in the existing CLASSPATH temporarily. This means that you have to edit this script to specify the location of the unpacked system classes.


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