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 In this section, we present the results of a series of experiments that have been conducted on an IBM RS/6000 G30 with four PowerPC 604 processors using the AIX4.2 JDK1.0.2B (with JITC) and the AIX4.2 JDK1.1beta (without JITC), a Sun with two 175MHz. ultra SPARC processors using the Solaris 2.5 JDK1.0.2dp (with JITC), and an SGI Indy 4600 with one 133 MHZ IP22 Processor using the IRIX6.2 JDK1.0.2 (without JITC). All Java and C programs are compiled using the flag `-O'. Bytecode is interpreted using the flag `-noasyncgc' and, if available, with `just-in-time compilation' (JITC) enabled.