VersionPURSe Portlet SourcePURSe System SourceGridSphere 2.1.x WarGridSphere 2.2.x WarGeneric WarTomcat shared/lib jars
1.1.0purse-portlets-1.1.0.src.tar.gzpurse-20070724.tgzpurse-portlets.warpurse-portlets.warpurse-portlets.warTomcat shared/lib jars
1.0.1purse-portlets-1.0.1.src.tar.gzpurse-1.0.1.tar.gzpurse-portlets.warpurse-portlets.warTomcat shared/lib jars
1.0-1purse-1.0-1.tar.gz (See note below)
1.0purse-portlets-1.0.src.tar.gzpurse.tar.gzpurse-portlets.warpurse-portlets.warTomcat shared/lib jars

PURSe System Source Tarball 1.0-1 update

Wed May 31, 2006

An updated PURSe System Source Tarball is now available. This contains an updated cog-jglobus jar (necessary to compile the code) and the test code has been updated so that it now also compiles.

Older (unsupported) releases

PURSe Portlets alpha release

Nov 1, 2005

The following items are available for download as part of this release: