PURSe Portlets v. 1.1.0 Release Notes

Version 1.1.0 of the PURSe Portlets is a new release that focuses on integration with mainline PURSe. In addition the following features have been added:

  • Added an AJAX "Check availability of username" to registration portlet
  • Forgot password portlet now resets the user's password instead of revealing it
  • Administrative portlet have a paged table of users
  • Administrative portlets also allows to add a single user or multiple users at once
  • Portal/portlet "branding" greatly simplified and aligned with PURSe


From version 1.0.x of the PURSe portlets, the following purse.properties names have changed or were added:

  • caAdmtemplate -> caAdminTemplate
  • signerCert -> signerCertificate
  • proxyUploadTemplate -> proxyUploadInstructionsTemplate
  • raTokenMailTemplate added
  • forgotPasswordTemplate added
  • raSubjectLine added
  • addEmailToDN added

Some custom purse.properties keys were added in a customized version of PURSe in previous releases. portalVerifiesEmail and caPassword are the two such properties that are no longer available. Also, note that in PURSe portlets 1.0.x, the user's email address was automatically added to the generated DN. This is now a configurable parameter and to keep this functionality you'll need to have the property addEmailToDN set to true.

The database schema has changed since 1.0.1 of the PURSe portlets. Execute the following to bring your database up to date:

mysql -u purseuser -p purseDatabase <<SQL
-- RA Table
create table ra_table
        ra_id int AUTO_INCREMENT,
        ra_name varchar(100) not null,
        ra_email varchar(100) not null,
        ra_description text not null,
        constraint ra_pk_cons primary key(ra_id),
        constraint ra_uk_cons_name unique(ra_name),
        constraint ra_uk_cons_email unique(ra_email)

ALTER TABLE user_table ADD ra_id int;
ALTER TABLE user_table ADD CONSTRAINT ra_cons foreign key(ra_id) references ra_table;

The PursePasswordReminderPortlet is now called PursePasswordResetPortlet. You'll likely need to update your portal's layout configuration to pick up the new name.

Several of the email templates provided with PURSe have been updated, so you are encouraged to install the latest version of PURSe as well, see the downloads page.

If you configured the title of the PURSe portlets and various strings in the resource bundle file of a previous release, please note that portal "branding" has been much simplified and the names of keys in the resource bundle file have been completely changed. See the PURSe Portlets installation notes - Configuring the Resource Bundles for more details.

The RegistrationModule API has changed slightly, with the introduction of an init(ServletContext) method. You'll have to update any custom registration modules you have created as necessary.

PURSe Portlets v. 1.0.1 Release Notes

Version 1.0.1 of the PURSe Portlets is a bug fix release. Download links are available on the downloads page.

Bugs Fixed

Several bugs were fixed in this release. Most of them can be seen by viewing this tracker bug (#84) in the OGCE Bugzilla installation. In particular, the following bugs were fixed:

  • There were a couple of bugs where a user "accepted" by an admin could move back to pending status if they clicked on their confirmation link after being accepted.
  • A couple of bugs were fixed related to proper PURSe lifecycle handling, which is important for Registration Modules to work correctly.
  • Java 1.4 compatibility.
  • Validation errors more specific.

New Features

The following new features are available:


To upgrade the portlets, download and install either the war or use the source release. You'll need to copy in your personal settings, like resource bundles, purse.properties, etc. Then redeploy.

A special step is required to update the PURSe database. In the PURSe System Source, there is a file etc/purse_database_update_1.0_to_1.0.1.sql that can be used to make the update. Do:

mysql [-u <user>] [-p] purseDatabase < $PURSE_HOME/etc/purse_database_update_1.0_to_1.0.1.sql
where "purseDatabase" is the name of your PURSe database and $PURSE_HOME is the location of v. 1.0.1 PURSe System Source.

PURSe Portlets v. 1.0 Release Notes

PURSe Portlets v. 1.0 released

The PURSe Portlet team is happy to announce that version 1.0 of the PURSe portlets is now available. This version represents a significant reimplementation over the previous alpha release. Features new to this release include:

  • Implemented using the Apache MyFaces implementation of JavaServer Faces.
  • A new Registration Portlet is provided that allows users who do not already have a portal account to register with the PURSe system. In combination with the new Registration Module feature, new users can now register with PURSe and portal account creation can be handled by the PURSe portlets.
  • A new User Portlet, which shows the user their current PURSe information and status. This portlet also shows users the status of their accounts that are managed by Registration Modules. Users can also update their PURSe password.
  • A new Administration Portlet which allows the portal administrator to view PURSe registrations by status. This portlet can be used to see details of each user's request and accept or reject a user's request.
  • The Registration Module API allows developers to plug other account systems into the PURSe Portlets. Acquiring a grid portal account can require having several different actual accounts, and for this reason a pluggable modular API was created. The Registration Module API allows you to create a new Registration Module that can respond to all PURSe lifecycle events such as registration, confirmation, acceptance, password updated, etc.

Please see the downloads page for download links.