Registration Portlet

The Registration Portlet is where new users register with your site and thus request access to your grid portal. To use the registration portlet, fill out all of the fields with your information. Click the Submit button. An email will be generated and sent to the email address you provided. Within that email will be a link back to the PURSe portlets. To finish the registration process, click on this link. The purpose of this is to confirm your email address in the PURSe system.

Should the link in your email message not successfully complete your registration, you can copy and paste the registration token from that email into the confirmation form which is also part of the Registration Portlet.

User Portlet

The User Portlet is where a logged in portal user would go to see their PURSe information, to check the status of sub-accounts, and to update the user's PURSe password.

The first section of the User Portlet is the PURSe User Information section. Here the user can see the information he or she provided to PURSe when registering. Also, the Current Registration Status tells the user whether their PURSe registration has been accepted, whether it is pending, etc.

The second section is the Status of Sub-Accounts section. This lists for the user all sub accounts managed by PURSe. Sub-accounts may include the portal account, grid authorization accounts, and other special grid accounts.

The last section, the Update Password section, allows a user to update his or her PURSe password. Simply enter the old password and the new password twice and click Submit.

Admin Portlet

The Admin Portlet lists users by their PURSe status. PURSe status options include:

  • Accepted - Registration process is complete for the user; a credential has been generated for the user.
  • Pending - User has confirmed his/her email address and is awaiting administrative action.
  • Rejected - Registration process is complete for the user; user has been rejected by the administrator.
  • Renewal Requested - User has requested renewal of his/her credential.
  • Requested - User has submitted the registration form but has not yet confirmed his/her email address.

Clicking on a user's username will bring up the following screen with the user's details.

Here you can review the user's submitted information. If accepting this request, in the Accept User form, enter the Certificate Authority (CA) password in the "CA Password" field, and click the Submit button. If rejecting this request, in the Reject User form, optionally enter a message to the user explaining why this request is being rejected, then click the Submit button.

Click the Back link to return to the list of users.

Password Reset Portlet

In the event that you forget your PURSe password, you can use the Password Reset Portlet to reset your PURSe password. Enter your PURSe username and click the Submit button. An email will be sent to you with a link in it. Clicking on the link will return you to the portal and provide you with a form for setting a new password.