Communication Subsystem

This section describes the PSE LSA communication subsystem.

Nexus Communication Library

The PSE LSA communication subsystem is based on the Nexus protocol. Nexus is a freely-available, cross-platform, high-performance communication library from Argonne National Labs. Nexus is also multilingual in that it has C and Java language bindings. Nexus is ideal for sending large data transfers between processes since it can take advantage of high-speed networks and communication channels with minimal overhead.

HPC++ Wrapper Interface

The Manager and wrapper code for modules is written in HPC++. HPC++ is a library and language extension to C++ which targets high-performance applications. The main feature of HPC++ is the concept of the Global Pointer, which allows for method invocation between two processes living in different machines/address spaces. This feature allows the Manager to invoke methods on the modules. Also, although HPC++ is designed to work with several communication subsystems, it is currently built atop Nexus.

GUI/Manager Protocol

The communication between the Manager and the GUI is achieved via the Nexus protocol.

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