PSE Infrastructure Tools for the LSA

Problem Solving Environment Tools in the Linear System Analyzer

One research goal of the LSA is to provide a driving example (or "point solution") for the creation, development, testing and validation of tools for building problem solving environments (PSEs). This work is part of the PSEware project , funded by the CISE directorate of the National Science Foundation, as grant number CCR-9527130. One of the major goals of PSEware (as suggested by the name) is to provide not just PSEs, but tools to help users construct their own PSEs. The key infrastructure components of the LSA are
  1. The PSE Manager, which provides services for starting and controlling computational modules within the PSE. The PSE Manager is an HPC++ program using Nexus for communications between modules, and it allows running modules on multiple machines across the network.
  2. The Module Wrapper subsystem, which provides wrappers for computational modules and handles communications with the PSE Manager.
  3. The PSE Interface, which presents a generic framework for PSEs of the pipeline of computational processes archetype.
A view of the generic architecture that the infrastructure tools target is:

[Component Architecture]

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