Header File: pse2/include/EventResults.h

Friend Functions:

void hpcxx_pack (HPCxx_Buffer&,EventResults*,int);
void hpcxx_unpack (HPCxx_Buffer&,EventResults*,int);


Used By: EventLog, ExecuteEvent, SendEvent, ReceiveEvent, PseCore, Banded, BasicInfo, Dense, NewSystem, Reorder, Scale, Splib, Ureorder, SuperLU

Public Member Functions:

-constructor-> EventResults(void);
-constructor-> EventResults(int);
-constructor-> EventResults(const EventResults&);
virtual --destructor-> ~EventResults(void);
EventResults& operator=(const EventResults&);
int AddNewLine(const char*,int,const char*);
int SetUsage(long*);
int SetBasePath(const char*);
int SetDirectory(const char*);
void SetErrorCode(int);
int GetErrorCode(void);
const char* GetErrorMesg(void);
char* GetMessage(int);
char* GetAssociatedFile(int);
int GetMessageType(int);
int GetNumLines(void);
int GetBasePath(char*);
const char* GetBasePath(void);
int GetDirectory(char*);
const char* GetDirectory(void);
void GetUsage(long*);
long GetCPUTime(void);
int IsValid(void);
static int registrationID(void);

Private Member Functions:

void Init(void);
void CleanUp(void);

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