Header File: pse2/include/InetAddress.h

Public Member Functions:

-constructor-> InetAddress(void);
-constructor-> InetAddress(const char*);
-constructor-> InetAddress(const InetAddress&);
--destructor-> ~InetAddress(void);
const InetAddress& operator=(const InetAddress&);
int operator==(const InetAddress&);
int operator!=(const InetAddress&);
const char* GetHostName(void);
const char* GetAddress(void);
char* GetHostAddress(void);
static InetAddress GetByName(const char*);
static InetAddress GetAllByName(const char*);
static InetAddress GetLocalHost(void);
int AddressAsInt(void);
int IsMulticastAddress(void);

Protected Member Functions:

-constructor-> InetAddress(const char*,const char*);

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