Header File: pse2/include/EventLog.h

Base Classes:


Uses: EventLog, HPCxx_Mutex, EventResults

Public Member Functions:

-constructor-> ReceiveEvent(void);
virtual --destructor-> ~ReceiveEvent(void);
const char* GetTag(void);

Members inherited from: EventLog

Public Member Functions:

int Initialize(const char*,const char*,const char*,EventResults&);
int WriteHeader(const char*,const char*,const char*);
int WriteFooter(const char*);
int SetStartTime(void);
int SetStopTime(void);
int UpdateEventResults(EventResults*);
int WriteResourceUsage(void);
void GetResourceUsage(long*);
long UserTime(void);
long SystemTime(void);
long MaxSetSize(void);
long NumMinorPageFaults(void);
long NumMajorPageFaults(void);
long NumSwaps(void);
long InBlock(void);
long OutBlock(void);
long MessagesSent(void);
long MessagesReceived(void);
long NumSignals(void);
long NumVolSwitch(void);
long NumInvolSwitch(void);
static int GetObjectCount(void);
static int IsFileOpen(void);
static int IsInitialized(void);

Public Data Members:

SystemInfo mSysData;
static const char*[4] gifs;

Protected Data Members:

TimeOfDay mStartTime;
TimeOfDay mStopTime;
long[16] mpResourceUsage;
static HPCxx_Mutex msFileLock;
static HPCxx_Mutex msStaticData;
static ofstream msIndexFile;
static int msObjectCount;
static int msInitialized;
static char* mspPath;
static char* mspDirectory;

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