Header File: pse2/include/SemaphoreSet.h

Public Member Functions:

-constructor-> SemaphoreSet(void);
-constructor-> SemaphoreSet(int);
--destructor-> ~SemaphoreSet(void);
int Destroy(void);
int Initialize(int,...);
int Signal(int,...);
int Signal(void);
int Wait(int,...);
int Wait(void);
int GetValue(int);
int GetLastToAccess(int);
int GetNumWaitingForIncr(int);
int GetNumWaitingForZero(int);
int SetPermissions(int,int);
int SetValue(int,int);
void MakeSafe(void);
void MakeUnsafe(void);
int IsValid(void);

Private Member Functions:

void SetSemBuf(struct sembuf*,int,int,int);

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