Java Interface to CVS

cvsClient is a java-based interface to CVS, and is one of several tools to be built for our Virtual Collabatorium Project. It currently runs only with the JDK1.0.2 appletviewer under a unix environment. Also, if you do not have CVS, you can still use cvsClient as a file browser and do certain drag-n-drop or launching of programs. Click here to get the latest version of CVS, or visit Cyclic Software for details on CVS.

  • see a screenshot of cvsClient
  • download cvsdemo.tar.Z (press SHIFT and click mouse)
  • see the README and tutorial for cvsClient
  • see source code for adding more multimedia editor types

    Note: Sun plans to change the AWT event model in their next release of the JDK ("Java Beans"). Since cvsClient relies heavily on the current model, all the excruciating hackery I did to get drag-n-drop to work will have been for naught:( Nonetheless, if you are interested in obtaining the source for cvsClient, please drop me a note.

    Note2: Other java interfaces to CVS are now appearing. As an example, check out jCVS.

    Note3: This project ended as of December 1996.

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